Product Review: Environ Revival Masque

Posted by Leah Fedarb, Senior Skin Therapist on 7 February 2015

Masks! I love them! They are such an important part of my skin care routine. So, when Environ recently launched their new Revival Masque I was super keen to try it.  After all, it’s being hailed as a “face lift in a bottle”.

I like to exfoliate before using a mask so that I don’t have any dead skin acting as a barrier and I can get the best penetration into my skin. After exfoliating, I applied a thin layer of the mask to my face, neck and décolleté and within minutes it had soaked into my skin, and almost instantly my skin had a plump hydrated look. I slept with the mask on which meant as my skin went into regeneration mode the mask’s active ingredients went to work.

In the morning, I cleansed my skin and it definitely felt smooth, supple and had a fresh healthy glow of hydration. I continued with my normal day time regime including SPF (all year round!) and I was thrilled to see how beautifully my makeup sat on my fresh new complexion.  As a skin care professional, I get to try loads of products so I’m pretty fussy - but I have to say, I’m sold on this one.

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What makes the Revival Masque so effective are the powerful ingredients; Lactic Acid, Mandelic and Asiatic Acid. Asiatic Acid is not as widely known as the first two ingredients so I thought I’d give you a quick summary.  Asiatic Acid is derived from plants and is commonly used in traditional medicines. In skin care, Asiatic Acid is exciting because it stimulates your skins natural ability to produce collagen. As science has already proven, the more collagen in our skin the more radiant and youthful we look. It will also improve uneven skin tone and generally revitalize the skin. 

The clinical trials showed amazing results after using this product for 4-6 months.  With that said, I saw results on my first go!  

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